The Medical Industry vs Mindfulness

How many times in your life have you gone to a clinic or doctor’s office or hospital? How much of your income is devoted to maintaining your health and your health coverage?
All That Is Cover 6 - 200How satisfied have you been with the results of the health care or medical advice you received? All That Is – Beyond the Medical Industry – Vitality Through Mindfulness & Gratitude, my forthcoming book, explores these questions. Mindfulness is a simple, centuries old practice proven to improve health and reduce stress. It just requires a small investment, time. When you take time to sit quietly and breathe deeply – you slow down your heart – you nourish your cells – you calm your nerves – you release healing hormones. If you’re not familiar with mindfulness practice or need a refresher, click HERE for a simple approach to begin.  And you’ll be on the list for a special pre-launch book offer.







2 Comments on “The Medical Industry vs Mindfulness”

  1. Congratulations on your upcoming book. I honestly don’t think the capitalist oligarchy want us to be mindful. If people were truly mindful, they wouldn’t buy all the useless junk they peddle on TV.

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