The Medical Industry vs Mindfulness

How many times in your life have you gone to a clinic or doctor’s office or hospital? How much of your income is devoted to maintaining your health and your health coverage? How satisfied have you been with the results of the health care or medical advice you received? All That Is – Beyond the Medical Industry […]

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Loss Can Lead to Happiness

Loss opens vistas/Attachment limits new movement/Freedom is empty The word loss sends shivers down our spines. We are you afraid of losing our jobs, our spouse, our health, our good looks, our memory, our home, our children. And most of us harbor the unspoken fear of the ultimate loss – death? How can loss lead […]

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Reflective Haiku

To improve the world equanimity is all power that transforms To improve the world with one action is quite a challenge. If one is spiritually inclined one might want to enable people to transcend their physical limitations. If one were oriented toward health, one would provide everyone with a healthy life style. If one were […]

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