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2 Comments on “Communicate”

  1. I love to star gaze in the morining it’s kinda my way of reflecting. I remember my father telling me how wonderful and beautiful nature is. He told me that humans are only stewarts of the land to make sure it stays clean and beautiful like humans didn’t exist.. In reflecting, I don’t see humans as stewarts of the land, I see greed, destruction, and mother earth crying. Humans failed again! My graditude is my volunteering at a horse resque. When I’m riding in the back country on my horse, see something thats just not right. I know people who will help me make it right. and for that I’m grateful!

  2. Hello,
    Hope all is well. We found you from the Pratt museum. We are getting married in Homer on the July 8, 2017 Full buck moon. We were hoping you could provide a professional story telling of the moon, love, intentions, and ying/yang on the eve of out wedding to our guests. Would you be available to discuss. Please email me so we can discuss details.
    With love,

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