Leaping Into Space – Preparing a Book Launch


Preparing to launch a book is like jumping out of an airplane. Sure, you’ve practiced, studied, and prepared but it still takes your breath away when you take that first leap into space. And that’s what I feel now. Leap with me HERE.

At the beginning of the year, my goal was to complete three books. I’ve finished one. I could blame distraction, my full time job, or beginning a copywriting business. But the truth is, I’ve just been afraid, afraid of another ebook sitting in Amazon and not getting any sales and just a handful of reviews.

But, recently I read almost my exact words regarding the medical industry spoken by James Maskell, founder of the Evolution of Medicine Summit. Then I knew, I’m not alone and my experience and thoughts can contribute to helping others.

This week, I begin the process of preparing to launch my book, All That Is – Beyond the Medical Industry, Vitality Through Mindfulness & Gratitude.

You’re invited to join me in this adventure. You can simply click HERE to receive a graphic broadside of topics covered in my book and be on the mailing list to get special discount offers.

And you can e-mail me at skywalker@skywalkerpayne.com if you’d like to participate in this launch by spreading the word to your networks and/or doing advance reviews.

Take that leap with me and join me HERE.

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