Joy and Expectation


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What’s your morning ritual to prepare for the day before you jump out of bed?

Years ago, I began doing two stretches for my back and legs to relieve soreness before I got up. Later, I learned a simple Buddhist prayer to say as a blessing and protection for the day. And sometime in the past couple of years I began purposely making myself smile before I leave the bed.

That smile helps relieve any tension or stress I may be holding about what may unfold in the day ahead. Invariably a smile does create a sense of joy and pleasant expectation.

Over the past year of concentrated effort and education to start an online business, these two senses have grown. Yes, I am still in a constant state of “when will it happen.” And my e-mail list is abysmally small.

But my vision is as vast as the universe and I feel my wings are strong as the eagles soaring over the beautiful blue bay I look upon every day.

On Wednesday, June 24, I will officially go into business with a product for sale. I’m participating in Gumroad‘s Small Product Launch. Serendipitously, this contest appeared a few days after I wrote down my goal to offer a product for sale before this summer ends.

The products I offer directly address those questions of What am I Really Living For?

So, tell me what makes you awaken with joy and expectation?

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7 Comments on “Joy and Expectation”

  1. Many things!

    I look forward to writing: the morning is my most creative time. I think of the first cup of coffee. I smile thinking about my family, and the hope of seeing a new critter in my yard. I look forward to seeing what my creative online friends are doing. I look forward to laughing at my favourite comedians and they way they can make some sense out of senselessness.

    On a side note, I hope that you and yours are safely away from the wildfires up there.

  2. Each morning IS a gift for each of us I feel. My awakening consists of cat stretches and enjoying the gift of a good life. Smiles appear, warm feelings reach my heart and I awaken gently. Seeing videos of my youngest grand daughter sent most mornings are a highlight. Hearing her play her guitar or piano singing the music she has just composed gives me goose bumps.
    I must admit I do tear up tho for a bit realizing that she is feeling so inspired just by seeing what is in front of her. Life is good and even better knowing that my children and grand children are so very very happily in love with LIFE !

  3. Congratulations on achieving your goal Skywalker! I just bought your products. I wish you well.

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