What are we REALLY Living For?

kids-playing-and-jumping-vector-459837-1Before we open our eyes and jump out of bed, do we pause to think of what we have ahead for the day? Do we smile? Or just pull up the covers and snuggle back into bed getting up at the last minute possible?

Do we remember those games we used to play of what we wanted to do when we finally “grew up?”

Have we realized any of those childhood dreams? Or are we still trying to get to them? Are we waiting until we earn enough money? Retire? Get that raise? Find the right woman? Or get that next degree?

Can we answer these questions?

  • What is my purpose in life?
  • Why am I working?
  • Am I fulfilling my fondest dreams?
  • Does seeing another sunrise fill me with joy and expectation?

These are questions to think about. Spend some time pondering them.

Next week we’ll look at some ways to answer them.

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5 Comments on “What are we REALLY Living For?”

  1. You pose some very deep questions here. I look forward to reading more of your thoughts on these subjects.

  2. I had to ask myself these questions a few years ago, particularly after my father died after a hard struggle with cancer. The answers led me to start writing again, after some decades, and here I am!

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