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O.K. No beating around the bush and trying to be subtle. I need your help. I need at least 100 of you, who follow and read this blog, to join me in the practice of Gratitude 100 – A Simple Practice for Fulfillment, Balance, and Happiness. As I began working on writing this book, I realized I need more than just my experience to show Gratitude 100 works.

Click HERE to sign up to be one of the first 100 people to practice Gratitude 100.

First 100 people receive

  • Name listed on the Gratitude 100 Page on this site
  • Listing can include links to your blog, website, or Facebook page
  • Will also be listed in book to be published later this year
  • 50% discount on published Gratitude 100 book
  • Free book if your comments or experiences are included in book

Benefits of the Gratitude 100 Practice

Although I’ve practiced gratitude since childhood, since I began this daily practice, I created to help others, it’s helped me. Writing down just one reason to be grateful has been like throwing a stone into a lake. The ripples have grown wider and wider and wider.

  • Helps me focus on the positive
  • Reduces stress
  • Let’s me search for causes of feelings of unbalance and disharmony
  • Creates better relationships

The Gratitude 100 is a simple practice

  • The 20 page Gratitude 100 Journal will arrive immediately to download and print
  • Write answers in the journal to enhance reflection
  • One daily e-mail with a short paragraph followed by a gratitude question
  • Questions cycle under physical, spiritual, emotional, mental, and financial
  • No rules. You don’t have to answer every question. But for 100 days you’ll receive a message to inspire gratitude.

So, if you haven’t yet, click HERE. Let’s share the experience proving Gratitude 100 works to create fulfillment, balance, and happiness.


11 Comments on “I Need You”

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  3. I was told by an elder to think with my heart, and feel with my brain when working with animals. My horses have taught me to think with my heart and feel with my brain. I’m so gratful for my life lessons. Thank You Sky

  4. I call it AMPLIFYING Earth’s Dialogue.
    Because it is the focused conscious intention directly effecting the energy field we call Earth. This is a Good thing and a conscious will.
    My mother called it “Testifying”.
    I have heard it in many forms and languages for being Dankbar, Agradecido, Thankful, and Grateful with the wish to pass it forward and to amplify the creative energy of Grace and Love.

    I Thank you for the invitation to assist in amplifying Loving Energy.
    I will share the gratitude from my deceased mother.
    My mother stood up as both a newlywed and new member in a church to participate in a custom called “Testifying”.
    She said she was thankful to be here, and for her loving daughters, sons, and husband. Praise God.
    She then sat down, rested her head on her husband’s shoulder and died.
    I was unaware at that moment that my life journey had begun dramatically that Sunday morning.

    My mother’s message was not lost.
    Her simple message resonates at this moment with Love and gratitude for this living experience.

    Thank you for being here intentionally sharing Gratitude, this is good and I am grateful.

    Love & Wholeness

    • That is such a powerful story. It opens hundreds of questions, all I can hope is that someday you will write the whole story. I’m seeing a church, but my limited experience of people testifying in a church is the few times I attended the black Baptist church of my grandmother in a small town in Georgia. As a storyteller, I expectantly look forward to this story. And I thank you for sharing your memories and observations about gratitude.

      • Thank you for your kind comments and your gracious efforts.

        I have thought about sharing my experiences in book format, however privacy concerns for family and friends convinced me to hold off on that. Too much drama and trauma for some individuals who have difficulties with healing from their fears and pain.
        The fact that many adults halted their maturity or maturation process is part of the world illness that is an existing epidemic.
        I have been sharing some of that in the last decade over the internet in various formats, forums and networks: A/V and text always as “Ronmamita”.
        I discovered that truth as information and knowledge transcends time and distance…
        Thus I decided to not print it as a pay for book format and simply give it piecemeal and freely. That means no advertising and no income from my efforts.
        One of the reasons I still blog today…

        I no longer attend institutional or religious services for I respect spiritual-reality greatly and institutional “believers” must wade through a swamp of fear, shame, failed transliteration/translation of ancient script, and dogma that interferes with the experience outside the word-spell program.

        I note you read the Lunar New Year post for this week, however I shared a link in that to an earlier post about bad influences of modern calendars:
        How calendars interfere with our perception and awareness of the cycles of nature.

        Interestingly someone I enjoy as a living resource sharing truthful experiences wrote about this as well this week:
        The astrological New Year approaches – do you know what year it is?

        […] Is it any wonder we do not know what year it is? We say it is 2015. A Rabbi will tell you it 5775 and the Islamic world will tell you it is 1436. None of these calendars tells us anything about how long we have been around – the actual year – by design it seems. The calendar game is a global one. Consider resynchronizing your life cycle by saying no thank you to Julius and the Pope Gregory XIII. There are four times in the natural cycle of life you need to know to get back on track.

        1. Vernal Equinox or spring – March 20
        2. Summer Solstice – June 20 or 21
        3. Autumnal Equinox or fall – September 22 or 23
        4. Winter Solstice – December 21 or 22

        Written by Crow Tripplehorn in the San Diego UFO Examiner

        Please read some of his fascinating reports at:

        I am also a spirit listener (my mother and her mother communicated to me) and sky watcher …
        Consider, as a “story teller”, the time prior to the confusions of lip:
        “The ancient knowledge will again abound, and overflow, as water, upon the earth. The remains of this knowledge are everywhere about us”…

        Ciao! 😉

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