Free Write Friday – Yellow


This week’s prompt me took me to an unexpected place.Thanks to for another intriguing prompt.


The room filled with yellow light and she felt herself ascending into the light like a feather on a wind current of energy swimming in a sea of emotions beyond space and time into an infinite sphere of softness swelling into an overwhelming wave of sensation smiling in the arms of warmth and love that could not be explained or limited she was happy. Finally after weeks of unspeakable unbearable pain it was gone she was released she could rest in the comfort of that sweet yellow blanket of joy and welcome so long in coming.

Gently the nurse closed the old woman’s eyes, gazed on the now serene face, and wiped away her tears as she walked out of the room.

30 Comments on “Free Write Friday – Yellow”

  1. This is quite an intriguing token for Yellow. It held my attention from start to finish. I love how you finished the story from the nurse’s perspective. It’s a smart move that reveals the truth.

  2. Lovely. I thought it was about meditation then the last paragraph took it somewhere else. Beautifully written.

    • I’ll take that as a compliment. Although, with these Free Write Fridays I really feel I don’t deserve compliments, as I don’t “work” on this writing. It really is a free flow in which I don’t know where I’m going until I get there. You should try it out.

      • It was a compliment. I don’t like to say things the same way twice, if I can manage it.

        Don’t discount your natural ability.

  3. Reminds me of mama. Re-read it to try and grab the peace she felt in the end, but it still makes me kind of sad.

    Love you.

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