Revolution – A Poem


This is the last poem I will share from my book published in 1974. I think it is appropriate for the state of the world today. It is sad to see that even in the 21st century with unbelievable advances in technology and science, human beings continue to handle disagreements with violence, continue to believe that weapons provide protection, continue to believe that an immaterial debt is an excuse to deny living beings shelter, food, health care, and education.

When will we remember that compassion is the measure of greatness and the quality of justice is measured by its mercy?


Too many tears

with the blood

have been wasted

too many years.

In May, not all children play,

nor all lovers

walk together

tree shaded lanes.

A vampire

reddens the earth

darkens the sky

drinks the blood

of young living.

Is there any good?

Will fear ever end?

Where is escape

from this labyrinth

of lies, of half-truths?

Will dreams

like birds

with fractured wings

ever fly again?

Tomorrow is a question mark.

Today is an answer.

The earth needs

a strong scrubbing

to clean its blighted

bloody floor.

And man

a broken bead necklace

needs a patient hand

to make him one again.

13 Comments on “Revolution – A Poem”

  1. It is relevant today. Not only for the collective but for the individual. I love that you present today as the answer to all that has been ignored and left to bleed.

  2. This should be a lesson to all the world’s politicians in what’s really important in the grand scheme of things. It’s sad that human beings still believe that greatness lies in the most wealth, the most weapons of destruction, and the most power over other living beings. Keep expressing your compassion towards all sentient beings for some day the world will see as you see. I am delighted to know that I think like you!

  3. You know what it is…it’s dark but not angry (which I struggle with quite often). It’s also honest about our world and hopeful at the same time.

    I read somewhere once that Thich Nhat Hanh was asked about whether or not he would fight back if he was the last Buddhist left on Earth and someone threatened to kill him. He said he wouldn’t. Something about how the truth and pureness of Buddhism would find its way to humanity. He wouldn’t even be angry.

    That’s the kind of pureness of compassion, faith, and devotion I’m working on every single day. I hope to reach it in this lifetime.

    • Thanks for your comments and dropping by. Yes, what Thich Nhat Hanh said is what it means to be a Buddhist – it can be a challenge but it is the goal we both strive for everyday.

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