Free Write Friday – Serendipity

Friday has now become my favorite day of the week because of these inspiring prompts provided by Kellie Elmore

This time her prompt led to the following short story or is it flash fiction?


Her name was Serendipity and she loved to hear her father ring the syllables out like a song Ser-en-di-pi-ty, his voice started off high and ended in a sweet bass, as he’d pick her up, or tickle her, or kiss her good night. When she started school, teachers would ask what she was called at home. Her deep black eyes opened widely and she sang out, just as her father did Ser-en-di-pi-ty and she smiled broadly as her classmates laughed and musically sang out her name.

Of course, finally, in fourth grade, the stern, unsmiling teacher asked, “Do you know what your name means?”

She had never thought about it, it was her name. Do names have meanings? She waited impatiently for her dad to get home and before he closed the door, she ran to him and said, “Daddy, what does my name mean?”

He closed the door behind him, and sat in the chair, pulling his shoes off.  Serendipity stood right next to the chair, staring into his bold blue eyes. Gently he pushed her hair off her face and smiled.

“You, my beautiful child were a gift to me. My wife and I had been trying to adopt a child for years, because she could not give birth. Then she died. But, I still wanted to raise a child, I wanted to share my love and good fortune with someone.

“None of the adoption agencies wanted to let a single man adopt a child. Then I had an assignment that took me to the Somalia. I was helping out a refugee camp and visiting the hospital and I felt a warm hand grab mine. I turned and a very sick woman held my hand but in her other arm she held a beautiful baby. I looked at her and she looked at me. Then she let go of my hand, picked up her baby, and handed her to me. I looked at the mother and could see she was dying. I looked at the baby and fell in love immediately.

A Somali doctor translated and told me the woman wanted me to take her baby because she did not have any relatives left and I looked like a man who needed a child to love. The doctor told me he could help me adopt the baby, if I wanted her.

I said, ‘Oh, yes, and I will name her Serendipity, for she is something good I found without looking.’”

Serendipity’s face burst into a sunshine smile as she hugged her father tightly.

26 Comments on “Free Write Friday – Serendipity”

  1. First of all, thank you for the big smile on my face. It makes me so happy to hear that people enjoy writing for my prompts. My goal has been to inspire pens and I love how it has done so for you.
    This story, from the very beginning, hearing the dad almost sing her name aloud, was charming and delightful. Then you led me through the rest of this heart tugging narrative with ease and sighs.
    It spoke to me as my husband and I have been trying for 5 years. I decided that should we accomplish having a child, and if she were a girl, her name would be Serenity. SO I had goosebumps when I read this. Like it was for me. SO many of this weeks replies have made me feel this way. Maybe its a sign? *fingers crossed* 🙂

    Thank you for writing for me and I hope you will continue to do so. ♥

    • Kellie – all I can add is that this is all serendipity. 🙂 (And, yes, you keep prompting, I’ll keep writing, really opening up a well of creativity.)

  2. A great story indeed. Well done. Thanks.

    Interestingly, as I was reading it I was (sort of) watching the movie “Mommie Dearest” which features a veeeerrry different story of an adoptive relationship.

    I’d rather read yours any day.

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