Ghazal #1 – The Imperfect Rhyme Scheme


The Ghazal (pronounced ghuzzel) is a poetic style from the Middle East which I learned about in 2001. I wrote only a few and then revised several of them years later. This is the first one I wrote and I don’t know if it’s a revision or not.  I called it imperfect, because this one does not follow the traditional scheme exactly. The style of the poem includes the use of the poet’s name in the last verse.


Leaving a taste of sweet delight came the dream

opening my mind a joyous sight although but a dream.

What are the schemes of men about but fulfilling their dream?

When an artist inspired does shout others critique the dream.

For years thousands do toil to realize a dream

even the planting of soil is to make flourish a dream.

Is that soft vision in the dark merely a fleeting dream?

Or is the action of day stark a cruel unending dream?

Are these words by me written in a dream?

Or is she, Skywalker, merely another dream?

9 Comments on “Ghazal #1 – The Imperfect Rhyme Scheme”

  1. Getting lost in your spoken words above, to fall free, cast adrift in the propulsion of open thought to you poem, off in roaming moments.. It was fun to get lost, even if just for a short while…

    Many questions of dream, what becomes when dream awakens, in where a place free of ownership, possession unclaimed, can thought, breathing in a beating heart, breathe flight, in where the static cocoon ponders release, untethered to moments, a singular mind’s restraints, fray in time’s open gestures, of dream’s liberty and freedom, to voyage the cosmos, undefined, non singular, but of its entire multiplicity of being….

  2. It took me two careful reads to get the feel of this one. I wasn’t picking up the inner rhymes at first. Once I started hearing those, it became very musical and I understood why you like this form. As always your language is fresh and interesting, the images and ideas genuinely poetic. I thought of a slight change to your last line that you might consider:
    “Or is Skywalker, she, merely another dream?”

  3. Very nice– a deceptively complex form. I’m glad Gary pointed out that interior rhyme, since I missed it first time through, too…

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