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Free Write Friday – Yellow

  This week’s prompt me took me to an unexpected place.Thanks to for another intriguing prompt. Yellow The room filled with yellow light and she felt herself ascending into the light like a feather on a wind current of energy swimming in a sea of emotions beyond space and time into an infinite sphere of softness […]

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Free Write Friday – Serendipity

Friday has now become my favorite day of the week because of these inspiring prompts provided by Kellie Elmore This time her prompt led to the following short story or is it flash fiction? Serendipity Her name was Serendipity and she loved to hear her father ring the syllables out like a song Ser-en-di-pi-ty, his voice […]

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Free Write Friday

Thanks to Sean Bidd  for introducing me to This is my first time with this free writing, I look forward to more. The prompt is in quotes, my writing follows. “Oh yea, they say ‘life goes on’ long after the thrill of living is gone.” So the Buddhist says, the thrill of living is but […]

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