Free Write Friday

Thanks to Sean Bidd  for introducing me to

This is my first time with this free writing, I look forward to more. The prompt is in quotes, my writing follows.

“Oh yea, they say ‘life goes on’ long after the thrill of living is gone.”

So the Buddhist says, the thrill of living is but an illusion as we travel this endless universe of consciousness. Our bodies change, along with the names, and at some point in the journey we discover that still point of light and the revelation that this life we hold so dear is just a passing game, a momentary dream, we are slipping through. Our true lives so much grander than this material meandering through man’s many malls of meaningless ventures and soul scorching schemes. Oh, but how we can linger in the pleasantness of dreams until we awake into the great consciousness that is one vast illuminating emptiness beyond desire beyond pain beyond pleasure oh to taste the oneness of the great beyond.

18 Comments on “Free Write Friday”

  1. I like it. A singular existence seems to be the perfect cure for an omnipresent, omnipotent entity. Maybe it’s better to say it this way, the finite is the perfect cure for the infinite. The Buddhist practice of detachment seems to bring one closer to being able to acknowledge the infinite universe, and it seems to allow one to experience the finite in a balanced way.

  2. This coincides with my firm belief in eternity. That we are spiritual beings that indeed have something ‘out there’ to look forward to. No matter what you call it…there is a beyond that awaits us. 🙂

    Thanks for joining us for FWF!

  3. Oh I’ve to thank you for giving me an insight into the Buddhist religion. We share the same view about eternity.

    Sorry for dropping by this late.

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