As it is Black History Month, today I’m sharing two blogs that I found very worth while. The first you will find at this link, Brown-eyed Spin is doing a series of Black History posts that are well worth the read. Her latest blog led me to research Paul Robeson and the Spanish Civil War, which led to this one, I’ve reblogged. Great photos, a film clip, and information new to me. Plus for film buffs an organization worth knowing about. Savor this moment in Black History.

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  1. The Great Morgan Freeman who once gave me @ $50 tip to drive him to the airport many years ago said last year.”there should be no black history month,when are people just going to be people”.that is the smartest answer I ever heard to this topic.

  2. When our children have text books that teach them ALL of America’s history, the contributions of Native Americans, Asians, and black Americans then we won’t need Black history month. Black history month does not deny that we see each other as people, does not negate my Buddhist belief that at some point in space and time every sentient being was once my mother. Celebrating the accomplishments of different peoples does not negate our humanity but shares in our mutual greatness.

  3. The like option seems to be malfunctioning here. Not only can I not click it, I can’t even see it! But you know I like this one, as a lover of history and all things related to the Second World War and its proxy conflicts and causes. Good job finding those lesser heard-of perspectives!

    • Thanks for your comment, WordPress has been acting strange with me – knocked out all of my subscriptions for about the fourth time. I’m going to reblog the reblog tomorrow because I’m not sure many people saw it or were able to like it. Glad to know you appreciated it.

  4. Not really much of a war fan, although the Spanish Civil War does intrigue me. I’ve known about Robeson but had never heard about that trip.Shame he’s never been featured in any of the movies I’ve seen about the war.

  5. Thanks for this! I didn’t know that much about Robeson outside of his singing voice, sadly. He certainly led an inspiring life. It amazes me how much people like him seemed to accomplish back then, easily crossing fields from theater to music to law to social activism. My days seem too full to accomplish everything I’d like to even within a narrow field…

    • Glad it was of interest to you as I found it very informative also. Yes, it is amazing what people accomplished, I feel the same way you do. Maybe time really is contracting? 🙂

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