You Too Can Heal Yourself

All That Is Cover 6 - 200

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How many times have you healed yourself? Have you had a scrape and put a salve or aloe vera on it? Have you taken lemon and hot tea to stop that cough? Have you gargled with salt water to ease your sore throat?

These are tried and true methods of self-healing. You can also heal yourself of depression, anxiety, indigestion, and arthritic pain.

All That Is, Beyond the Medical Industry – Vitality Through Mindfulness & Gratitude offers a glimpse into how you can take care of your health, mentally and physically. This is not a “how-to” book. I share experiences and information you can apply to your life as you see fit.

As a reader of this blog, you can read my book for free. Just CLICK HERE and sign up for the free pre-launch PDF. Launch date is December 12th.

Take time during this holiday season to get control of your health. Prevent overwhelm with mindfulness and gratitude. All That Is will support your efforts.

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