One Heart, One Cry

Do not cry out for vengeance or justice.
Neither exist in this world of appearance.

Listen and understand
we are all nothing and everything
we are all one pulsing breathing heart.

Our blood flows like rivers to a
sea of violence we’ve created
when our thoughts, words
and actions strike like
axes destroying ancient trees.

Do not think yours is the only heart broken.
Do not think yours are the only eyes
blinded by tears that cannot stop
watching the life light fade from your child’s body.

No monopoly on grief exists.
No black privilege on pain
or Gazan Syrian or Israeli.

Who wrote a poem for the Nigerian girls
kidnapped and forced to be suicide bombers
for a shadow entity
given free reign by African and Western

I hear the sound of oil rigs and blasting of mines
Africa continues to be raped
and Gazans remain expendable pawns in
the ongoing power struggle between the West and
the Arabs who failed to achieve unity
an English man named Lawrence
fought for 100 years ago.

And here in the USA have we forgotten
the history of the police, always the servants
of the wealthy status quo?

Remember, police beat the heads of white
union organizers and imprison white people
seeking equality, justice, and peace.
Even theatre was called Communist when
ignorant elected “public servants” so decreed.

Police violence is inflicted with
more malice on black, brown,
red, and yellow people.

Know your history to create a new path.
We have an obligation to transform the world.
Time to create new stories.

We must unite with everyone’s
heart broken by grief from violence.

Our hearts are huge enough to forgive and to comfort.

Our minds vast potential holds solutions
to end bigotry, hatred, envy, greed,
pride, and ignorance.

This is a 21st century non-violent battle cry.

Let it begin now with our light
of courageous, caring consciousness.

Check out the Blogging Conference for Nonviolence.

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