How Any Body Can Practice Hatha Yoga

IMG_8913Begin your yoga practice with Yogasteya

Have you longed to enjoy the healthful benefits of yoga you’ve heard so much about but feel you’re too large, too overweight, too old? Well, you’re not. Yoga is for any type of body.

Dianne Bondy, founder of Yogasteya, gently guides you into a hatha yoga practice that fits your body’s unique needs.

Dianne was just three years old when her mother began practicing yoga. As her mother relaxed in the poses she bonded with her children. This foundation lead to the practice Dianne now shares with people around the world.

Dianne and her husband, Alan, began the on-line classes, Yogasteya, in 2012. Yogasteya means connection, community, expression, and love, the qualities Yogasteya classes communicate. The Bondys knew many people who wanted a way to fit yoga into busy schedules. These people were a diverse group, many not fitting the media thin model image of a yoga practitioner.

I feel like Yoga has become this exclusive club that not everybody’s invited to. It’s slowly changing though. I am all about supporting people who have been pushed to the margins in society in general and in the yoga community specifically. I’m all about flooding the media, especially social media, with images of all people doing yoga.  Dianne Bondy

Yogasteya aims to help people see themselves on the mat.

For less than the cost of two cups of espresso, the monthly Yogasteya membership fee, offers a wide variety of class options. From five to sixty minute sessions, beginners to advanced, emphasis on backs, core, standing poses, and movement flows, presented by Dianne and guest teachers.

I am all about  making yoga more accessible to a larger audience by keeping it affordable and available. I want to support non conforming bodies and ideas. Yoga is not exclusive. 

To make yoga even more accessible, Dianne has partnered with Amber Karnes to offer a new five week course called Yoga for All. This course, for teachers and students, teaches how to adapt yoga asanas for nonconforming bodies.

We’re all about changing the conversation around who yoga is for, what yoga looks like, and who gets to share this practice.

So, if you’ve been longing to see what yoga can do for your body and inner spirit, check out Yogasteya today.



4 Comments on “How Any Body Can Practice Hatha Yoga”

  1. Yoga is wonderful! It’s one of those things that helps me take care of so many aspects of my being through one activity. Thanks for sharing this, Skywalker!

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