Practice Gratitude with the Avaaz Community

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I have participated in Avaaz internet actions for years. For those who do not know, in the words of the Avaaz team, Avaaz is an extraordinary community of hopeful, practically idealistic people who choose to sign a petition or donate money when no one is looking.

This organization has successfully delivered petitions, with millions of  signatures on issues from political prisoners to environmental issues, to decision makers. Many of these petitions have succeeded in achieving the change sought. This year Avaaz invited members to vote on values to focus on for themselves.

We’ve come together as a community hundreds of times in campaigns, and created magic. At this most reflective time of a new year, let’s come together around this, most important campaign of all – the campaign for ourselves, to “be the change we wish to see” – for us, and for all the people we love and the planet we call home. 

The three principles receiving 97% of the community support are:

Show Kindness and Respect

Strive for Wisdom

Practice Gratitude

The synchronicity of the third value with my declaration of this as my year of gratitude, Gratitude the Ubiquitous Key, lets me know I am on the right path.

So, why don’t we all begin this year, and join Avaaz, by committing to live these values. Because when 500,000 people make the pledge, Avaaz will personally invite world leaders to make the same pledge.

Signing this pledge not only helps us to individually move toward personal fulfillment, balance, and happiness. It is also another step, simple and symbolic, that leads to the creation of a world of peace, justice, and compassion.

To sign up, click this link – Avaaz – Three Principles

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