Baby Stopped Crying

Once in time a little baby cried and cried and cried. No matter what Daddy did, he fed her, he sang to her, he laid her in bed next to him and still she cried and cried and cried. “Oh, please someone help me!” The father begged. And before his eyes appeared a wise woman who said, “Dear, just use the Five S’s and your baby will be as quiet and sweet as sunshine. “

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11 Comments on “Baby Stopped Crying”

      • L&D? I just found out you live in Homer, AK. My husband and I spend a month, every 2 months in Fairbanks visiting our daughter and our grandson. We adore Alaska! Also, not clear on the rigzenchomo/skywalkerstoryteller distinctions. Are you able to explain? Thank you.

      • Well, when you come to Homer you should let me know. We live right across the street from Bishop’s Beach. If you scroll up and click on “About Rigzen Chomo” your questions will be answered. and for the rest, visit my website,

  1. I’m intrigued. My youngest daughter is due to have a baby any day. Her toddler cried so much when he was a baby I worried she’ll get exhausted if the new baby is the same. I’ll email you for information on the 5S’s. Thanks.

      • Where were you in my life 13 years ago? Now that I think about it, I can’t imagine a scenario where not knowing you is better than knowing you.

        What usually worked for my son was wrapping him in a baby sling (I’m sure there’s a recognized word for the device, but I don’t know it) so that he could look around as I walked from room to room.

  2. Right then you were using, in a way three of the concepts of the Five S’s. The sling held him in a close secure space (swaddling); your movement was like swinging; and he could hear the blood flowing through you and maybe your heart beat the shush sound.

  3. Hi Skywalker – I clicked on your URL as well as the book in the left side bar and I got the message “URL not found”. I was still able to visit the web site, but the message appears on the site. I don’t know if you’re aware of this.

    • Thanks, Shery – to get the info on the Five S’s you have to e-mail the address. And I’m removing that book because, I’ve taken it off the page. However, if you want to buy it it is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Thanks for checking both out.

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