A Voice for Peace and Sanity


My Plea to Israel: Liberate Yourselves by Liberating the Palestinians is an op-ed written by Archbishop Desmond Tutu recently published in a major Israeli newspaper. He uses the history of South Africa’s, ultimately non-violent, end to apartheid through a world-wide boycott to encourage the same efforts to achieve peace and justice in Israel and Palestine. Photo provided by Avaaz  Well-worth your reading.

4 Comments on “A Voice for Peace and Sanity”

  1. I love this:

    “We are opposed to the injustice of the illegal occupation of Palestine. We are opposed to the indiscriminate killing in Gaza. We are opposed to the indignity meted out to Palestinians at checkpoints and roadblocks. We are opposed to violence perpetrated by all parties. But we are not opposed to Jews.”

    The level of compassion and understanding is astounding. But this man is brilliant. I saw him speak before around social inequality, in what could be a hostile environment, and the compassion and gentleness he brought was astounding.

  2. We need more people like him raising human consciousness, but most importantly we need people to start LISTENING.
    thanks for sharing this op-ed.

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