Desire – A Poem

This poem expands on the theme of last week’s poem. Enjoy.



Endless is the pursuit of desire

a wonton mistress, rules with fire.

Folly leads to fear and shame

seduced by the desire game.


Or is desire like the seedling’s dream

to push beyond the shroud of dirt

to feel the sun’s white hot kiss

open petals to bright color.

Or is desire the moth’s quest

to transform it’s slinky earthbound form

into a vibrant rainbow

soaring on gentle wind waves?

Or is desire the baby’s cry

to feel her mother’s full breast

cross its cheek and fill it with

the milk of love and nurturance?


Desire to be desired.

Desire to have all desires

fulfilled satisfied realized.

Desire to be longed for

awaited missed sought out.

Desire to be appreciated

recognized complimented.

Desire to transcend desire

to enter a realm of


to want no thing but

to possess everything.

Desire to forget desire

to be in the moment

breathing all in




4 Comments on “Desire – A Poem”

  1. I LOVE the intensity of “Desire” because it captures a yerning we all have to furfill the need and desire just to be relevent, as we walk this earth. Thank you for touching my soul!

  2. This poem leaves me truly focused on desires of humankid….you have awakened my brain and heart to reflect on such things. From reading your poem on this subject, I find you are truly ensightful and enlightened. Thank you for sharing.

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