Free Write Friday – The Human Zoo

This time Kellie Elmore gave us a choice of titles. I chose this one.  As I wrote it, I began to remember a TV show, I think a Twilight Zone, I saw on this theme. So I tried to be original.

The Human Zoo

They thought they knew what they were doing. They thought they were living lives of purpose and service. They really thought they were doing something that was worthwhile. When all of the time they were just an experiment.

For centuries they had lived on that jewel in the cosmos, they called earth. Mating, making, traveling, building, studying, discovering. They created civilizations and killed cultures. They traveled to other planets and explored the mysteries of invisible life forms.

Then one day their bubble was burst and the watchers descended. They were not the reptilian monsters of their science fiction stories and movies. Know those who first saw them thought they were angels, these very tall, slim, pale skinned silent strangers. But then they, the inhabitants of earth, began to notice that their friends, acquaintances, and family members began to disappear after the appearance of the angels.

No one on earth knew what to think, until one brave journalist followed one of the angels and observed how the angel somehow sucked people up with a machine that looked like a giant vacuum. And then ascended into the night sky. For weeks she followed the angels filming quietly but one night she tripped and the angel stopped and turned looking carefully around. It did not see the journalist and quickly ascended but an attachment to the vacuum fell to the ground and glistened in the night.

The journalist dashed from her hiding place and picked up the object, it was a dark flat screen like object. She touched the screen and it burst into a picture and she saw humans doing what they always did – but they were surrounded by the angels, walking, by, some sitting on benches, as if they were strolling through a zoo.

21 Comments on “Free Write Friday – The Human Zoo”

  1. This is an amazing piece. Very Sci-Fi, and I love Sci-Fi! Love how you’re creative, but I would love to have known the journalist more, like her name and stuff.

  2. The twilight zone always creeped me out. Still does. This piece did it justice. Makes you think and look up and think…I wonder….

  3. I enjoy your willingness to juxtapose grand and mundane elements like angels and vacuum cleaners. It’s a particular aspect of your prose I find unusual and entertaining.

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