Free Write Friday – Jake


Maybe a day late – but finally had time to participate in Kellie Elmore’s Free Write Friday. She provided the above visual prompt and here’s my short story.


Old Jake leaned against the brick wall, then pulled his pipe out of his pocket, packed it, lit it and inhaled slowly. The sweet taste of tobacco always soothed his nerves. Absently his left hand stroked his beard as he looked out over the harbor.  It seemed like months had passed since he was last on the boat, but it was only a few weeks.  The doctor said he was A-OK to set out and get back to fishing.  Not one to think about, least even talk about, his feelings Jake was feeling a lot right now.

Again he took a long deep inhale of the cherry tobacco and let it sit in his mouth before he slowly exhaled. He remembered that sharp pain that hit him like a knife in his chest and sent him tumbling over the edge of the boat into the cold waters. The next thing he remembered was opening his eyes into the smiling face of an angel. That’s what she looked like to him, he swore her head was surrounded by a halo of light and her blue eyes were kind and comforting.

He chuckled and took another long inhalation of smoke. After all, she was his doctor. As he exhaled, Jake slowly stood up. His legs were as strong as they ever were, and he did feel like he had more energy. The doc said they were able to open his arteries so he could get more blood flowing through them. He was just glad she was able to do it without having to cut open his chest.

Gently, Jake tapped his pipe against the bricks, emptying the ashes. He looked out toward the harbor and smiled as he walked toward the boat.

20 Comments on “Free Write Friday – Jake”

  1. wow! You completely seduced me with your imagery. I love how descriptive you were. As though I was watching it all unfold before me. Nice…really nice work. You’re a wonderful storyteller. ♥

  2. The moments we ponder in solace, such thought to the story in the small detail. Certainly does feel you’ve connect with you new environs in a fresh way. How are you finding Homer, the sea, the land, and the night sky?

  3. There is the mysterious — is he a ghost viewing the last days of his life, or is he reborn through medical invention — feel to your response. Wonderful imagery.

  4. I really enjoyed reading this….you make Jake come to life in so many ways; I finished reading smelling the sweet smell of cherry tobacco my mom smoked for a year trying to quit cigarettes a long time ago. Brought back nice memories. Thank you:)

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