Free Write Friday – Awake

Today’s prompts were these words,  lazy – rain – perspective – glint – somber – trinket – static  provided by Kellie Elmore


The lazy girl turned over in bed and pulled the covers over her head as the rain beat against the window panes. She knew she needed to change her perspective about looking for work but she was so tired of rejection. The rain reflected her state of mind. If only a glint of light could break through this unchanging landscape of no. Sleep slipped over her and she walked through a dark and somber forest. But she was not afraid. The full white moon shone like a beacon guiding her through the tree laden path.

Suddenly a faint static sound buzzed in her ears. She stopped and looked around but saw nothing but the trees standing tall and static as soldiers in the night. Her feet moved forward and the sound grew louder and louder and louder. But she was not afraid. Just as the sound seemed unbearable she saw a glint of gold sparkling in the moonlight on the ground ahead. Trinkets of metal turned and swirled around each other creating the sharp sound and a strong blowing energy.  The wind swept her up  into the sky and she flew past the moon into a blazing sun.

The sound of the ringing phone pulled her eyes open. She swept the blanket from her head and grabbed the phone.

“Hello. . .Yes, I can start right away. . .Monday? . . .Yes, I’ll see you at eight.”

She put the phone down and smiled as the sunlight streamed through the window

20 Comments on “Free Write Friday – Awake”

  1. Excellent! A beautifully told story!
    I have to share a similar one with you! I was in my twenties, and sound asleep one night, when the phone rang in the middle of the night. I thought it was the alarm clock, and every time I’d shut it off, it would ring again. I almost destroyed the darn thing before my wife said, “You gonna answer the phone, or not?”

  2. Great story. I enjoyed reading (btw – your link on Kellie Elmore’s site doesn’t work. I found your story in my WordPress Reader).

  3. It can be a long struggle trying to find work and I loved how you created that feeling in your words and that happy relief when you’re told you’ve got the job. Wonderful write!

  4. Cool! I like how you used some of Kellie’s words more than once but slightly differently. And the dream is so wonderfully imaginative!

  5. I loved how you turned the whole situation upside down – the dream sequence was captivating and had me reading faster to find out how it would end. Positive end!

  6. You’re very creative with the dream sequence. The pacing was so good I couldn’t wait to read what happened in the end.

  7. I’m left wondering, what happens when she breaks clean through the other side past galaxies, far deep out beyond the universe, into the multiverse of what’s beyond, might there be another dream after Monday. Awesome build up to the climax, and the elation at the end, what a swift way to open up to a new day… Top write.!

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