Spring Awakening – The Ghazal Series


The slow awakening of spring parallels an awakening in my life and maybe yours. Early morning sunrises, warm afternoons, colorful blooms help remove the dour days of winter. For some of us, like me, we are entering a new cycle, another move, another job, and most importantly publication of another book.

So today, I’m sharing another ghazal. This poem was written after the sudden appearance of flowers in the desert in December one year. But, it also brings to mind the wonders of spring. Enjoy.


December blue skies bring sun coloured flowers

beyond belief winter day welcomes flowers.

Smoothly, time’s web captures surprise hours

warmed by beauty, heart kisses wild flowers.

Delightful reverie intrudes cold season

sensual scents announce fragrant flowers.

Skin holds memories of fiery warm days

snow will soon succumb to flowing flowers.

Epics written in moments of magic

Skywalker’s song spins in sparkling flowers.

8 Comments on “Spring Awakening – The Ghazal Series”

  1. You captured the beauty of having/staying around flowers and observing them as they bloom. I wish you the best with your writing.

  2. I am longing for the “Real Spring”. Not this hide and seek of the spring days and the sneakie pete days of winter that just does not want to hibernate. I am longing for the “Real Spring”! Thanks for the Ghazel!!

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