Gingko Tree in the Iowa Sky – The Ghazal Series


Gingko Leaf painting by Joan Webster-Vore

When my husband and I moved to Des Moines, Iowa in 2000, a tall, full leafed tree stood in front of our house, next to the street. The leaves had fluted, lace like edges and it was tall and elegant.  But, months later small round fruit began to fall from the tree that smashed to the ground leaving a noxious odor. We tried to clean it up but it was a losing battle. Although, as the photo shows, the tree was beautiful.

It was a female gingko. Now, as I reflect, although the tree had stood for years, it must not have matured until we moved there, because everyone acted as if the fruit had never fallen before. For two years we endured this fight, not being ones to want to destroy a tree.  But, the murderous looks and complaints we received from our neighbors, that it was actually on the city’s property, and the sickening odor led eventually to the tree being cut down. But, we did plant another tree in its place.

Gingko Tree in the Iowa Sky                                                                       GINKO 2

Crystal blue laughter beneath Iowa’s autumn sky

naked and grey gingko tree limbs embrace the sky.

Bright diamond light feeds and fills our hungry souls

like gold, creative visions free rainbows into the sky.

Wishes woven out of tinsel dreams beyond time

carry thoughts beyond misery to swim in the sky.

Some tears well for no reason we can fathom

the heart of infinity seduces the sky.

Like honey on the tongue music slips into rhyme

ephemeral as a bee, images from Sky.

3 Comments on “Gingko Tree in the Iowa Sky – The Ghazal Series”

  1. The tree indeed looks elegant–I have not heard of it, BTW. It’s sad it gave off an unpleasant smell much to your discomfort. We’d used to have a similar type of tree here (herbalist use its leaves to cure malaria). Every evening, it gave off a sickening scent that made me feel like I would vomit in no time. We cut it down a year later.

    As always, your poems are unique and interesting. Here is my fav: Wishes woven out of tinsel dreams carry thoughts beyond misery to swim in the sky

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