Ancient Trees – A Poem

General Sherman

This poem speaks for itself and is appropriate for this spring time season. Enjoy.

Ancient Trees

Tall and strong you stood

before Buddha turned

the wheel of Dharma.

You smiled in wisdom

at the birth of Jesus.

How many civilizations

have faded into the ethers

while you still endure?

If you could walk

men would have killed you

so someone named you

General Sherman

35 feet wide 275 feet tall.

Humans, birds,

the four leggeds

make your limbs and branches

homes or saloons

of pleasure and protection.

Immense Redwoods and Sequoias

who can practice your

strength in patience?

Rooted to the earth

towering with life

ceaselessly growing.

Humans dare to fear

for your survival?

You whose limbs kiss the sky

whose roots flourish

and feed the earth

if we would listen to you

maybe we could

learn how to live.

10 Comments on “Ancient Trees – A Poem”

  1. Strong piece, Sky. My top fav:

    “If you could walk

    men would have killed you”–This reminds me of an African adage that says: the tree is not quick in making enemies because he doesn’t travel.

    “Humans, birds,

    the four leggeds

    make your limbs and branches

    homes or saloons

    of pleasure and protection.”

    Enjoy the season. Here we are in the rainy season.

  2. Personification in poetry is the useful technique. You can describe an inanimate object, for example very old trees. I like olive trees very much. These ‘seeing’ objects tell so old stories …

  3. Many trees majestic and grand, many fallen before their time, others ancient, brutalised for science, or run over, destroyed, their stories they hold to share with every ring, their tales, their hopes, their abundance… Loved the poem Sky, trees of any time!!

  4. Lovely poem, and I know exactly how you feel! I remember seeing a tall red cedar a few hundred kilcks from where I now live. We learned it was over 1500 years old, and the historian who was with us told us exactly what was happening in the world when it was still a sapling. The family and I would return there once a year, as part of a kayaking trip. And from what I read, there’s a pair of trees in Lebanon named the Sisters. At 6000 years of age, they are almost as old as civilization itself! Astounding!

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