Awards, Awards, Awards – Outstanding Bloggers List

Over the past several months I received several awards and recognition which I have not yet acknowledged. I just saved the posts and kept planning to follow the rules – but time kept flying past my good intentions.

When WM included me in his Best Bloggers List, I resolved to do as he did. I would  acknowledge all of my awards at one time and provide a list of the bloggers I feel deserve recognition. Well – time kept flying fast . . . So, here I am finally. The award logos I have received are on my sidebars.  Storiesbywilliamsgraypoet,  dearkitty and 85degrees were the kind bloggers who nominated me for awards. Yes, a couple of them graced me with more than one award.

To the above bloggers, I say thank you, many thanks. I am grateful that my words, poetry, stories, and observations have been meaningful to you. You belong to the following list of bloggers whom I feel are deserving of recognition for the quality of their blogs and for their support of my work with their comments. Through these blogs I travel around the world, experience exquisite poetry, receive thought provoking information, delight in artistic photos/paintings, and enjoy delightful stories. You may enjoy a taste of their posts also.

jumpforjoy;  bartwolffe rebeldarling;  taozitreeyoga;   wisegrrrljoannafunk;   bodhisattvaintraining;   sakshivashist;   malekoartsdeconstructingmyths;    inspirationimport;    synkris;    charleslmashburn;    kirstywirsty;    kellieelmore;   sandybblog;           atthewellhead;    quotesofbuddha;     mylifeinyellow;    violalilacindue;    trailofcrumbsblog;  seanbidd;  photonatureblog;   zinccomicswatusithetalkingdog;    ellisnelson;     repurposedredhead;   jacquelinevalencia;  ericjohnbaker;   sherijkennedyriverside

25 Comments on “Awards, Awards, Awards – Outstanding Bloggers List”

  1. Thank you so much Rigzen. I am honoured, and happy that we have found each other in this wonderful world of bloggers. I will write something in response to this gift. See you soon.

  2. Thanks! What an honor! I really appreciate any kind of support or comment. I never really got recognition before.

  3. You definitely deserve these awards and recognition. I’m glad to be apart of your wonderful list of bloggers.

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  5. Congrats, Sky. I have learnt some important things especially about Buddhism and storytelling. I count myself fortunate to have come across your blog.

  6. Thanks for including me on this impressive list– I don’t usually think of myself as a blogger since I don’t talk about much outside of the story I’m telling … but y’know, I guess I am!

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