Gold – the Ghazal Series

This first ghazal was written in 2001, the revision 2011, with recent changes. Yes, constructive criticism or preferences are welcome.

Gold – #1

Sadly sweetly surrenders autumn’s gold

to winds that wildly sunder lovely leaves of gold.

Warm and cold the days change like the wind

But no one now wanders in search of gold.

In summer, the sun set in fiery roseate blossoms

now chill descends to plunder the pleasure of gold.

Always I see my skin as a special golden shade

often my body falls under the sway of gold.

When Skywalker finally masters the ghazal’s grace

her hard-wrought words of wonder will be worthy of gold.


Gold #2

Autumn’s richness explodes in full wonder, red and gold

glisten until cool winds rip asunder leaves of gold.

Centuries of lives wasted and forever destroyed

in the relentless quest to plunder treasures of gold.

A woman’s heart warms with the hope of eternal love

with her finger graced in wonder by a ring of gold.

Dance in the bounty of Lakshmi, consort of Vishnu

all wishes are granted under her body of gold.

Skywalker seeks to bestow beauty, grace, compassion

these invisible bounties sunder glittering gold.

6 Comments on “Gold – the Ghazal Series”

  1. There is something thrilling and romantic about the second that I love. Here: A woman’s heart warms with th hope of eternal love/with her finger graced in wonder by a ring of gold. The poems are great and present slightly different ideas to me. So I go with Eric to say you could keep both as different texts.

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