Free Write Friday – Stormy Night


It’s Friday again, and Kellie Elmore has inspired another short short story for Free Write Friday. Today’s prompt was the above photo. Enjoy.

She no longer heard his words. It was always her fault. Ever since the second miscarriage everything was her fault, nothing she did was right. It was her fault they were lost that she told him to make the wrong turn. So he was going back. As the car slowly turned, without a thought or word, she pulled the strap of her bag over her shoulder, opened the car door and rolled out of the car onto the ground.

And then she ran. She ran as fast as she could, never turning back. She ran deep into the thick forest. The wind rushed coolly over her face and her feet felt like wings. Then, slowly she began to feel her heart beating in her chest and her throat felt dry as stone. She stumbled to the ground in front of a large tree and pulled out her water bottle.

All around her was quiet. The trees were so tall and thick she could barely see the sky. The golden red colors of the setting sun peeped through dark leaves and thick branches. Slowly she got up and walked back toward the road. It was easy to follow the path she had run, walking over the broken leaves and spare places of dirt where her distinctive shoe prints were still visible.

The road was empty and the sky seemed unusually dark. A rough wind sent a chill through her body and she felt suddenly so tired she couldn’t stand. The ground seemed to swallow her as she sank to the side of the dirt road. The sky had become eerily black with a deathly silence suddenly cut by a winding sound she’d never heard before.

The black clouds narrowed and she saw the cloud funnel coming straight toward her on the other side of the road. The wind roared around her and she pulled her bag and coat tightly to her body. She could not move. The ground held her. The funnel danced down the road and passed her. She closed her eyes, rolled over to ground, and fell soundly asleep.

21 Comments on “Free Write Friday – Stormy Night”

  1. Bravo! This is packed with a lot of imagery and action. The way you described the movement of the wind put me right in the heart of the scene. You’re doing an amazing job with these prompts.

  2. Like how you endeavoured to incorporate the picture literally as I thought that would be too difficult, but you did it! Very captivating. =)

  3. What a dramatic story. I got more and more anxious as I read it. I’m glad the storm passed her by and she got some rest in the end.

  4. Sorry in the delay on making it here, Sky, had a family emergency in a faraway land, yesterday, and last night.

    Confrontation, escape, a racing heart, the unknown, to passing strangers on the road, relief, weary love, and peace. All those thoughts were tearing through my mind as I found myself reading faster and faster. Then the restful moment, I collapsed. Just as tired, just as found in the moments passing. Thank you so much!

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