Dream II – The Ghazal Series

Dark Dream

This is the second version of the first ghazal I posted a few weeks ago. The encouraging reception I have received to poems I have posted has encouraged me to work on putting together a book. So, any constructive criticism is welcome at any time.

Dream II

Savor soft sweet taste of delight in a dream

mind’s eye receives a joyous sight but a dream.

From birth to death one strives to achieve success

every effort a flight to fulfill a dream.

Alone and agonized the artist works for years

to create a work that ignites many to dream.

Are these visions that descend within the dark?

Or are the actions in stark light the real dream?

Words fail to capture treasured moments of bliss

though Skywalker invites you into her dream.

9 Comments on “Dream II – The Ghazal Series”

  1. No critique here. That was great. And I’m not blowing smoke, because I’m not a big poetry person for a reason: Most of them just bounce off my thick skull. Your poems have a musical rhythm, which is probably why I can connect with them.

  2. Great take on dreams. I love these lines: “To create a work that ignites many to dream”;”Are these visions that descend with the dark.”

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