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The Prince and the Goddess – Ideas, Innovations, Inspiration

It’s time for the Artist Formerly Known as Prince to move over and bow to a new Prince. I discovered Prince Ea on the Facebook newsfeed of a Buddhist friend when I wished her happy birthday. She had posted a video, What No One Wants to Say About Ferguson. From the title I thought he […]

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A Voice for Peace and Sanity

My Plea to Israel: Liberate Yourselves by Liberating the Palestinians is an op-ed written by Archbishop Desmond Tutu recently published in a major Israeli newspaper. He uses the history of South Africa’s, ultimately non-violent, end to apartheid through a world-wide boycott to encourage the same efforts to achieve peace and justice in Israel and Palestine. Photo provided by Avaaz  Well-worth […]

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A Simple Step for Peace

If you believe in the power of thought and will to bring about change and support the end of the massacre in Gaza, please visit this website – Freedom 4 Palestine.Watch the video and if you choose, as I did, share your thoughts for peace with the world in your photo. —

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