The Prince and the Goddess – Ideas, Innovations, Inspiration

It’s time for the Artist Formerly Known as Prince to move over and bow to a new Prince. I discovered Prince Ea on the Facebook newsfeed of a Buddhist friend when I wished her happy birthday. She had posted a video, What No One Wants to Say About Ferguson. From the title I thought he was from Ferguson, sharing his feelings. Prince Ea did share his thoughts but they weren’t the same rhetoric about police violence and racism propagated by the news. He offered another perspective.

He said, we’ve been “brainwashed by our cult-ures.” This is why we have wars and racism, destructive concepts handed down for generation after generation. He pointed out that all of the protests, marches, and peace agreements have only resulted in short term relief but no lasting solutions.

“We have a chance to make a real difference.” Then, he said the words no one wants to say, “There will never be external peace if there is not internal peace.” Prince Ea added this original observation, “Mankind can transform into kind man.”

Prince Ea is a rapper using his poetry to light a beacon to assure us that in these times, each of us can use our power and knowledge to create a sacred world.

Why I Think This World Should End is an anthem about the challenges facing us all. But, Prince Ea doesn’t just complain, he tells us “We can change ourselves. We can change our hearts. We can meet hatred with compassion….And the path to a new beginning starts with you.”


Leoni Dawson has been doing her part to change hearts and the world as an innovative entrepreneur. She dedicated her 2014 Create Your Amazing Year Life + Biz Edition Workbook to “Every Woman. You each deserve incredible, beautiful lives that sing to your soul.” Beneath the dedication is “World Changing Philanthropy: A portion of profits from every workbook will go to a range of charities that support the world to become an even better place.” Leoni has shared her colorful drawings and carefree, creative approach to life and business to women for several years.

I discovered her through Project Radiant ISIE, a new group of on-line women entrepreneurs. Leoni’s most recent blog, 50 Lessons from a Decade of Blogging offers practical advice sparkled with her original artwork. A happily married mother of two, Leoni shares her adventures in motherhood and her experience in creating, maintaining, and expanding an online business with thousands of women around the world in her weekly blogs and business courses.

One of her important bits of advice is to “give stuff away” and she links to five of her give aways in her decade of blogging. Leoni is an inspiring ball of energy and enthusiasm as well as a savvy entrepreneur. She has shown that an open, giving, free expressive heart can also be a successful business force.

Prince Ea and Leoni Dawson are just two individuals among millions of people around this world whose work introduces ideas, innovation, and inspiration for living a sacred life and creating a sacred world. They recognize, encourage, and honor the unlimited potential for good in every one. Prince Ea and Leoni Dawson know that each of us must look within to find our own strength to create our own beauty and wealth. Then we must open our hearts and minds to the reality that we are all interconnected and it is our individual responsibility to change our world. Check them out, consider their ideas. Be inspired and let your star shine with theirs. Above all, Be Whole. See you next week.


I am Skywalker Payne, RN, Rigzen Chomo, and Skywalker Storyteller,  founder of SACRED, and author of The Ultimate Wonder, World Stories Illuminating Death.



6 Comments on “The Prince and the Goddess – Ideas, Innovations, Inspiration”

  1. A prescient reminder that change must begin with ourselves. I’ve long thought that the ability to self-reflect on one’s feelings, ideas and actions was an important, often unacknowledged life skill. In our fast paced, technology-driven society, finding the time and space to reflect is a lost art. Thank you for reminding us of the things that matter.

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