Magnificent Endeavors

65 Birthday HaikuPhoto by Skywalker Payne

On New Year’s Day, a friend sent me a joyful video of a small deer dancing in waves. It ran with grace and agility through high rolling water. As I watched it, I felt a glorious sense of freedom and abandon, an uplifting way to begin the year.

Yesterday, I received a sterling silver ring made by another friend. It’s a lotus and fits my thumb. Today, January 6, 2016 my 65th birthday, I feel like I am indeed a lotus rising from mud bursting into full bloom. Because this year’s theme is all about me – magnificent endeavors.

I began posting audio stories on this blog three years ago. In this time, I’ve posted over 700 blogs — poetry, videos, essays, stories, reviews, and interviews. Over 800 people follow Skywalker Storyteller Works but it failed to create the engagement I sought. A handful of you have consistently supported and encouraged my efforts with your comments and likes. I thank you from my heart.

Now, though, it’s time for me to move on. Although I will not completely end this blog, my postings will be minimal. I’ll continue to share my husband’s ongoing Zinc Comics story weekly.  But, I must decrease the time I spend writing new posts and reading other blogs. This year, I go into business for myself, while still working full-time, and it requires all of my “spare” time and energy.

I’ll be writing and publishing more books for you to buy and read, copywriting, storytelling, and offering courses.

Your support and kind words have kept me going. I look forward to seeing your name at my business website, Skywalker, and exploring magnificent endeavors with you.


15 Comments on “Magnificent Endeavors”

  1. Skywalker!!!!

    You we a force of nature…Confirmed by the date of your birthday (which it turns out you share with another close friend of mine…a woman whose, passion, talents, and productivity matches your own). Perhaps there is something to astrology. Whenever I Come upon synchronicity and similarities like this it gives me pause.

    Happy Birthday, Dear Skywalker…I celebrate you! With Love, Awe, & Gratitude, Jackie

    • Jackie, I feel fortunate that we connected. Your spirit is strong and giving, and in this short time of our acquaintance, you’ve been a supportive and enriching friend. I look forward to continuing to share adventures.

  2. Happy Birthday, dear friend! Being 6 days younger, I truly look up to you. (That’s no joke!) I do plan to emulate you this year. Energy, creativity and dedication. That’s what I’m learning from you. And hey, we’re just hitting our stride!

    • Thanks for your kind wishes, Suzanne. I’ll miss your inspiring blogs too. But, I really have to concentrate now. But do stay in touch, and don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail of any blog, or jewelry, you think I’ll be interested in.

      • I am going through similar stuff but find that, if I don’t blog, my thoughts tend to get stuck and I spend days not moving very far at all mentally (or spiritually).
        As to my projects – I sorted out my beads this week and got into a bit of faff doing it. Last year I developed a problem with my eye sight that is affecting me in all kinds of unexpected ways. Beading can be very difficult sometimes as I only have really good sight in my left eye now. I will slowly make up the last of my beads but won’t start another shop. I could send you some images when I make some you and your friends might be interested in.
        Good luck with your writing projects. I went to buy your book but the link seemed to have expired (I didn’t do it have Christmas due to other commitments). Could you please email me another link.
        As for my writing – I am slowly putting together an eBook of haibun which will be available on Kindle sometime in the next month or so. The sequel to Outsiders is still on my mind but just when it will happen I don’t want to predict. Hopefully 2016 for my own peace of mind. I need to move on. 🙂
        All the best and keep in touch. Your birthday is on the same day as my youngest son so there’s another odd connection between us. Lots of love – Suzanne

  3. Thank you so much for the poems and stories you’ve shared here. Good luck on your refocused projects in 2016. Being an independent artist can be a difficult path, one I am also struggling with as my life changes, and I wish you the best in that journey. And in all the other “Magnificent Endeavors” in your future!

    • Thank you Dale, for being one of those to consistently drop by and occasionally comment. Just relaxing from the weekly or more blog is giving me more mental and creative space. I will post again and am a subscriber to your list so I can keep up with Watusi’s misadventures. 🙂

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