You May Need a Copywriter

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This summer, the American Writers and Artists, Inc. introduced me to copywriting – the art of persuasive writing. Copywriting has been used for over a century to promote businesses, organizations, and individuals.

For years, copywriters focused on direct marketing. Persuasive sales letters, often referred to as “junk mail” sell products from magazine subscriptions to organizational memberships.

Over time, marketing and selling needs changed and copywriting opportunities expanded. Copywriters now write everything on the internet from blogs to social media posts. In addition, copywriters write about products sold from one business to another called B2B writing.

Copywriting services are not limited to promotional writing. White papers explain a product or service, usually to another business. Case Studies are stories of a company or organization’s accomplishments. In addition copywriters offer a variety of other services such as resume writing, script writing, and travel writing.

On October 5, 2015, I launched my copywriting business Skywalker Payne, Wordsmith & Storyteller at Your Service. Do you need a copywriter or know someone who does? If so, I’m at your service, check me out.

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