All Things Alaska – #5

IMG_1503On rare precious days, such as today, the sun shines brightly in a cloudless blue sky and the multi-crystal blue shades of the sea’s surging waves call out to the restless soul. And one just stands feeling the sun’s sweet warmth to revel in the moment’s gift to just be.

Just be alive, still, observe and receive the wonders of life. One day the skies can be cloudy, grey, and wet and the next provide a visual Elysian delight.

Nature is the best doctor and does soothe the dissatisfied mind.

Originally written 9/23/2014

11 Comments on “All Things Alaska – #5”

  1. Makes me happy seeing that picture and reading those lovely words. I’m in NYC — would love to get away from the urban vibe for a while and visit Alaska!!

  2. Thank you! Beautiful!! And the Creator of nature, the Creator of heaven and earth is the Best of the best doctor and soothes our soul and puts our soul at rest in our body temple. We rest as God works in and through us to create even MORE beauty in the world!!!!!!!! God bless you! ~Yvonne

  3. As much as I love my new city, I do wish it was on the ocean (although maybe a warmer one than yours). It has a powerful draw on me, and gives me a calming sense that I don’t get elsewhere in nature.

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