All Things Alaska – #3

Alaska #3Summer Walk

White waves roar rolling

in on rock strewn dark sand shore

evening sky day bright.

Accomplishment – standing on Alaska beach

the impossible made possible.

To bask in an afternoon sun

when others are in dark dusk or night

to listen to the rolling drum like cadence

of white waves rising from deep blue bay

to gaze on the line of misty dark and

snow capped peaks

to know home is here in Homer.

Black dog chases gulls

galloping freely with abandon

joyful thrilling chase.

On Bishops Beach

first clear blue sky sunshine day

in over a week.

Old Believers couple

pose for photographs.

Young woman with hair uncovered

and white flower on side of hair,

photographer assistant wears

thin heel sandels

both in flowing colorful satin dresses

bright sea shells on the dark rock.

Speeding trucks, four wheelers

ATV turns wheelies in the sand.

Little girl splashes water with boots

dog chases stick

prances gingerly through water




6 Comments on “All Things Alaska – #3”

  1. Lovely words…brings back many memories of my childhood and teenage years! We lived in Kenai, Kodiak, and Anchorage for a time before moving down to Wrangell, and drove through Homer on our way to the Al-Can Highway.
    Coastal Alaskan towns are beautiful.

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