What Are YOU Grateful for Today?

GRATITUDEPhoto by Brian Payne

“. . . Gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.” G. K. Chesterton

Today I am grateful for –

  • being filled with the joy of sharing another year of life with my loving husband
  • celebrating the birth of a new nephew
  • gazing on clear blue skies over a placid bay with eagles and planes flying free

Please share what you are grateful for today.



16 Comments on “What Are YOU Grateful for Today?”

  1. Thank you for saying thanks. The world needs such hope. I’m thankful for my 15 year old cat with arthritis. He pulled himself up the stairs to be near ME! I have been chosen.

  2. The day you posted I was grateful for a beautiful sunny day at the beach. Today I am grateful for a peaceful day at home with my cats.

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