Grateful for You

Birthday haiku (1)A noble person is mindful and thankful for the favors he receives from others.  Buddha

Carefully, my small eight year old hands drew a bird in a tree on red construction paper. Next, I slowly copied my poem and story. On the last page I wrote, “What do you think of my book?” with lines below for my parents to write their responses to my first book.

From the beginning, writing was an attempt for me to create dialogue. Even when I began my first diary in fourth grade, I wrote to an imaginary Anne Frank, whose book inspired me. As time passed, my journals became a source of reflection, documentation, and creative expression.

When I found Word Press, a conscious, creative communication I longed for grew into a diverse community spanning the globe. While we may not be able to talk over our fences or visit for tea, I treasure our virtual conversations.

What I love about you is that even though we live in different countries, our ages aren’t the same, and our experiences are varied we still find common ground in appreciation of beauty, compassion, love for the earth, motivation for progressive change, justice, peace, innovation and creativity.

So, I’m happy to celebrate my birthday with you. My gift to you is my theme for this year, gratitude. I’m grateful for your consistent comments. I’m grateful for you taking time to click like. I’m grateful for you just dropping by. I’m grateful for you select e-mail readers who aren’t Word Press bloggers and continue to accept my weekly e-mail. And if, you’ve just clicked on my link from Facebook, I’m grateful to you too.

To show my gratefulness, I’m creating gifts of gratitude to share with you.

Over the past few months, I have consciously expanded my awareness and practice of gratitude and it has opened doors of intention, creativity, and fulfillment. In a couple of weeks, I will invite you to join me and expand your life with a simple gratitude practice. By spring, I’ll offer you my book on gratitude. And special offers on my other books, Mp3s, and videos will come.

So, today, I celebrate this birthday saying thank you for taking time to drop by and read my lines. And I look forward to growing in gratitude with you this year.

We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit.  Albert Schweitzer

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20 Comments on “Grateful for You”

  1. Happy birthday, Sky. I am grateful for a friend like you, too. May 2015 be your year of untold blessings. My regards to your hubby.

  2. “When I’m Sixty-Four”! Thanks for reminding me we have neighboring birthdays. I’ll be 64 on the 12th. (Remember how old that used to sound?) And thanks for this lovely post. A beautiful message from a beautiful spirit. Looking forward to your follow-ups. Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday and looking forward to another year of the Light to bring into this World! Forever May You Think Deep!

  4. Happy Birthday– what a great gift! You already share a lot of gratitude in your positive writing, and it is much appreciated. Best wishes for 2015!

  5. Your birth was a gift to us all and your presence shares experiences which are unique treasures from you.
    Sending you a warm hug with joy,
    Thank you for being here!

    LOVE & Wholeness

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