Please Support My Big Idea for Change

First_Time_PopupI’m an active e-mail activist. In November I added comments to the Big Ideas Project asking for what change I’d like to see in this country. I didn’t realize it’s a large effort to influence political legislation. The top 20 ideas will be presented to Congress.

People can vote on ideas. To my surprise I received an e-mail yesterday saying that my idea ranks 4th in the Social and Community category. Anyone can vote, you don’t have to join or sign-in.

So, please click HERE and VOTE for my contribution and any others you think will move this country toward positive change in these times we live in.


11 Comments on “Please Support My Big Idea for Change”

    • Thanks, JoAnn. It really is a good project. One of a few I’ve come across for progressive change. I think the tide is beginning to turn on this regressive era in politics, and the 21st Century may yet become the Age of Aquarius.

  1. Voted, tweeted & posted on FB! I also nominated you for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers because of just this kind of thing. You have much to offer, and so many great ideas!

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