Where did the Israeli-designated “terrorists” come from. In 1948 750,000 Palestinians were forced to leave the Israel of that time. Their property was seized and 450 villages bull-dozed so they would have no place to which they could return. Very quickly Israel passed a law forbidding them the right to return. Israel felt no responsibility for the horrors they inflicted on the Palestinians.

This blog is written by a Jewish man and he explains and understands why the Palestinians continue to resist the onslaught of missiles.

نادية حرحش


M.J. Rosenberg

Listening to Netanyahu’s defenders in the media (and that is pretty much all you get as objective reporters are yanked off the air), I’m struck by how Americans are indoctrinated into ignoring the most significant fact about Gaza.

It is under Israeli occupation (now called blockade) and has been since 1967.

That is the cause of the “war.” Yes, Israel has the “right” to defend itself but Palestinians have the “right” to resist occupation. Those conflicting rights are leading to perdition and, in my opinion, the loss of the Israel many of us have loved and identified with our entire lives.

The oft-proclaimed Gaza withdrawal was a fraud. Although Israel pulled the settlers out, it has maintained a blockade of Gaza ever since, blocking its air, sea, and land borders, locking its people in a giant prison.

At the time Ariel Sharon withdrew the settlers, when the…

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