Resistance is the right to be …

For those wondering why the Palestinians do not surrender. This blog answers that question. And briefly “It is about defending one’s humanity. One’s right to be. To exist.”

نادية حرحش

In the 2009 aggression on Gaza, I remember how my emotions directly switched from a full support to Hamas as a government whom I believed was never given the chance to govern after winning the elections two years before, with a pressure both from the international parties and finally from the Fateh previously governing party. The continuous scenes of death invaded every vein in me. Suddenly I found myself thinking, what is the value of a nation without people. What is Palestine without people? The brutality of the Israeli war machine targeting every living thing in Gaza that mounted to over a thousand and five hundred victims was too much of a price for some rockets that were hitting Sderot settlement like fireworks.

I always believed that resistance is an obligation. It takes different shapes and levels. Armed resistance is also legitimate but losses should be evaluated well before starting…

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