Writer’s Cyber Salon


I went for years not finishing anything. Because, of course,

when you finish something you can be judged.

– Erica Jong

I chose this week’s quote because I feel it is a description of my writing life.  I still have files of incomplete stories. And the story and book I published have, in terms of sales and readers, been abject failures, despite good reviews. Yes, I do not like being judged and rejection has paralyzed me. But, I keep writing and plan to self-publish more. What makes you rise above negative judgement?

7 Comments on “Writer’s Cyber Salon”

  1. As I read your comments, Skywalker, I was reminded of my very short “career” as a singer. I learned from that time that I didn’t really sing for people, I sang because there was a song in my heart. Now I write instead, but only as another means to sing what is in my heart. I hope it touches others and results in dialogue, but I have no control over what others so with what I write.

    You are a gifted write — I look forward to each new post of yours. What is popular and sells, and what is worthy of our time are two entirely different things.

    (I should add that I did buy your ebook, but I haven’t been able to figure out how to read it without a wireless connection. Technological skill is not one of my abilities…)

    • Carol, Thanks for your kind words. You are a very talented writer with important things to say. You should be able to get a free e-book reader and read without wireless. But, any way, check your e-mail for another solution. Thanks for joining the conversation.

      • I love your Huffington Post Photo 🙂 – what I meant by my comment was more about not writing anything other than blog posts – the big wide world of mainstream publishing scares me witless.

  2. Putting one’s writing out there makes for a strong sensation of vulnerability. What if people think you are a fraud? I can talk a good game about writing, but can I deliver? I still “finish” things in the sense that I get to the end and do drafts and all that polishing, but then what. I’ve got two manuscripts sitting in boxes, rejected 95 times over by agents. From the vantage point of being wiser and more experienced, they were rejected for good reason.

    When it comes to self-publishing and sales, unless you are prepared to write tawdry, explicit sex novels with young, shirtless men on the cover, you are fighting an uphill battle. You are a talented writer and storyteller in a vast sea of writers, some good and most terrible. From a distance, each drop of water looks the same.

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