Life in a No. 1 Arts Community

Dinner in the StreetA recent Huffington Post Article,  Quirky Spots Where You’re Free to be You and Me ranks Homer, Alaska No. 1. Our town received this recognition for being a former hippie haven, and for having a thriving artist community. Now, most of the “hippies” are grandparents, but the artistic community remains rich and innovative. In this photo Brian and I were enjoying the Bunnell Street Art Center’s first Dinner in the Street, held June 1st. Yes, we were inside the Elks Lodge for the rich ratatoullie stew and seafood boullabaisse. But, the dinner began with appetizers in front of the art center, on the street we live on.

In the 10 months we’ve been here, we’ve seen new exhibits of art work every month and met a diversity of artists, from a woman who creates quilt canvases to an artist who built a buoy installation inside and outside of the center. I participated in the African dance and drumming classes in March and April. All of May, Brian and I joined in a unique art experience called Searching for the Sublime.

The photo in the Huffington article shows Homer Spit, a major tourist destination. The town of Homer is to the west, nestled on other beaches and climbing into the hills. So, next time you’re looking for some time to just be free, come and hang out here in Homer. Brian and I live right across the street from Bishop’s Beach and the Driftwood Inn. We’d love to see you and show you the delights of our “cosmic hamlet by the sea.”




12 Comments on “Life in a No. 1 Arts Community”

  1. I’m glad to hear the move has been so wonderful for both of you! it looks like it really suits you!

  2. It’s so ironic the twists life takes. If my son and his girlfriend had heard of Homer, or had understood it’s potential when they visited Alaska in 2008, we could very possibly be living there, now. Instead, they ended up spending a long winter in a cabin outside Wasilla. They left there, very disappointed by the big-box store America impression the town made on them. Raised in the Woodstock, NY area, he would have appreciated Homer, I’m sure. If they had settled, we were to follow.

    • Yes, it would have been a much different experience. It seems every town and city in Alaska is quite unique. But, as Wasilla was the home of Sarah Palin, its conservative bent is obvious.

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