Homer Odyssey – Bellingham, WA – Haiku 8

Beautiful Bellingham, Washington

Tall lush deep green  trees

curtains over winding roads

scenic country drive

We did it, drove to Bellingham, Washington using back roads and avoided Interstate 5 except for a five minute mistake, yesterday, in Everett, looking for Broadway, which we did find.  This haiku describes the drive from Everett to Bellingham, today, primarily on State Road 9. Bellingham is a quaint port town and our departure point, tomorrow, on the Alaska Ferry to Haines, Alaska.

While we are on the ferry, I may be off line for a few days. But, we’ll be taking photos and enjoying our first big ship ride with more haikus and experiences to share.

8 Comments on “Homer Odyssey – Bellingham, WA – Haiku 8”

  1. By now you’re just about at your destination, I’m guessing. Very exciting. Quite an adventure. Hope it’s all you’re looking for.

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