Homer Odyssey – Ellensburg, WA – Haiku 7


Haiku 7 – Ellensburg, WA

Ebony hides shine

in summer sun, cows munch grass

moo, stare at humans

We’re spending our second of four nights in the state of Washington. This part of the drive has been filled with winding roads ascending and descending.  The weight in our trunk acts like an accelerator when we drive down the 3% – 6% inclines, so to control my car I decelerate so slowly even heavy trucks pass me. Even, still the car seemed at times to be following it’s own mind on the drive to Yakima, Washington yesterday. So after we checked out of the hotel today, we dropped by Jiffy Lube in Yakima. A tire rotation, brake flush, engine cleaning, and other minor repairs are giving a better drive and control.

Now, excitement is beginning to settle in. I’ve driven 1,241 miles and in just three days we’ll be boarding the Alaska Ferry.

The cows graze in a field across the street from our hotel here in Ellensburg.


11 Comments on “Homer Odyssey – Ellensburg, WA – Haiku 7”

  1. Isn’t Ellensburg pretty? I loved the old brick buildings in the town when I visited there. Great toy store. Interesting street art. 🙂 Have fun! (I also enjoyed driving out to see Roslyn, where Northern Exposure was filmed. Very picturesque and quaint!)

  2. Wow, someday I’ll go for a trip to some place I’ve never set foot in. You’re almost half-way to your future home!

  3. how exciting!! i did a similar adventure to get here (homer).. flew from nome, ak to seattle, wa.. picked up my jeep and drove to bellingham for the alaskan ferry.. on to haines ak.. drove from haines thru british columbia, yukon territory, tok, all the way to homer.. looking forward to sharing our experiences 🙂

  4. Wow! The journey is getting more and more exciting. All these pics and writing are doubtlessly memorable piece in time. Please keep them coming.

  5. your descriptions of your trip are lovely. I can imagine as you travel- like I’m almost there with you -in my mind-. I look forward to reading more as you travel northward.

  6. Oh, I haven’t been tuned in to blogs, trying to get my book published on a deadline, and I missed that you were in my neck of the woods! If you traveled over the mountains on I-90 you went right by my house. Ellensburg is not too far away over the pass.
    I wish you well on your journey!

    • We may have. Driving over those mountain roads were a challenge for me even though the country is beautiful. We’re in Everett now heading out to Bellingham in a couple of hours. Thanks for dropping by.

      • I was in Bellingham this past weekend. It’s a fun and pretty town with lots of great places to eat. If you’re planning to grab a meal, I’d recommend eating there. Enjoy!

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