Homer Odyssey – Shoshone Falls – Haiku 5


Today was an easy drive on Highway 84. Coming into Twin Falls, we saw signs to Shoshone Falls and followed them to experience another natural wonder.

Haiku 5 – Shoshone Falls, Twin Falls, Idaho

Falling water soothes

sensual sound rainbow vapors

cool summer delight.                                                                  GE DIGITAL CAMERA


10 Comments on “Homer Odyssey – Shoshone Falls – Haiku 5”

  1. Thank you for “taking me along” in your trip. It’s a beautiful coutry, indeed. I didn’t realize how much. Being a South American “transplanted” in Miami, I only saw flat land but there’s so much more!
    Martha del Castillo

  2. Breathtaking views, Sky. I’m in love with the first and think it deserves to be framed. My goodness! I feel am a part of this journey of yours already.

  3. Amazing sites. I envy the bonding experience you are having with your husband right now. When I see that and think of what you are doing, I think about all the running around and errands and my wife working when I’m off, and me working when she’s off, and doctor and orthodontist appointments, etc.

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