Homer Odyssey – Two Haikus


Haiku 3 – Moab Fourth

Ephemeral lights

rainbow brilliant expansions

hypnotic fireworks

I managed to smile after surviving five lane highway driving from Provo, Utah, through Salt Lake City to Ogden, Utah where the mountains create a beautiful backdrop. I’ve avoided freeway driving during my short driving experience but this trip is placing me on several freeways. I’m happy that when I reach my destination I will not have to live the freeway lifestyle.

Haiku 4 – Freeway Driving

Speeding vehicles

rush through life on automatic

precious moments missed.

2 Comments on “Homer Odyssey – Two Haikus”

  1. So true Haiku 4… Around here, nearly all are just two lanes, one each way… But everyone here has to slow down, as they are still repairing highways after two state wide floods in Queensland in only three years

  2. Sometimes I like the freeway when I’m not getting where I want to go fast enough. Like the beach, for example.

    No, I didn’t miss the “stop and smell the flowers” subtext.


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