It’s Free Write Friday again. Had to pass on last week’s because we were traveling. This one is a bit of wordplay but touches the heart of the prompt provided so kindly by Kellie Elmore

For the sake of keeping when nothing can be held forever or held onto Even memory declines and fades in the flow of time. Or for the keep of saking such moments of joy, laughter, love lingering even as memory fades. A lifetime filled with collections of clothes, jewelry, books, dolls, photos, CDs the paraphernalia of life the material objects we hold onto when what we want most to keep is a view vastly voluptuous energetically soaring above our mundane minutes. Keep to not forsake the wealth we accumulate in sharing our endless fount of caring compassionate courage that cures the loss of any material thing.

14 Comments on “Keepsake”

  1. Brilliantly true, as we all hang on to “things” for the memories they bring as well as for the opportunity to say, “At least I have this.”

    Love you,


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