A Cry for Peace and Justice – Again

Before I can begin to celebrate Thanksgiving I am compelled to send out a cry for peace, again. Two peoples who share the same God, the same blood lines, and the same land have begun to fire missiles and rockets that kill and wound children, women, and elders who carry no arms. Not only does injustice and violence rise its ugly head between Gaza and Israel, but also in Sudan, Congo, Syria, Pakistan and India, and here in the USA citizens in every state have signed petitions for secession.

When will people recognize that these continuing conflicts serve no purpose? When will those who claim to believe in higher powers recognize that all great spiritual traditions teach that the way to eternal happiness is through compassion, kindness, generosity, humility, and non-violence? The Dalai Lama says repeatedly, every human being shares the same needs and desires for happiness and a peaceful life.

I feel it is very important that those who believe in world peace use every avenue to stem the tide of violence, war, and hatred erupting again in Israel. Already I have seen the number of wounded in Palestine far exceeds those in Israel – and this has been the sad reality in recent years. Please use the tools of prayer, visualization, and political petition to enable this arising conflict to end immediately.

For those who did not listen to “Of the Children of Peace,” by W.E. B. DuBois, I end with his cry.

And you must answer, Children of Peace, you must answer! . . ./”The cause of War is Preparation for War.”/”The cause of Preparation for War is the Hatred and Despising of Men, your and my Brothers.” /”War is murder in a red coat.”/”War is raped mothers and bleeding fathers and strangled children.”/”War is Death, Hate, Hunger and Pain!”/”Hell is War!”/And when you believe this with all your little hearts;/And when you cry it across the seas and across the years with all your little voices –/Then shall the Mothers of all dead Children hear;/Then shall the Sisters of all dead brothers hear;/then shall the Daughters of all dead Fathers hear;/then shall the Women rise and say:/”War is done.”/”Henceforward and forever there shall be no organized murder of men, for the children we bear shall be the Children of Peace, else there shall be no children.”/Amen!/But cry, little Children, cry and cry loud and soon, for until you and the Mothers speak, the men of the world bend stupid and crazed beneath the burden of hate and death.
The Writings of W.E.B. DuBois, edited by Virginia Hamilton, 1975, Thomas Y. Crowell Co., New York

2 Comments on “A Cry for Peace and Justice – Again”

  1. This is an important message to each and everyone of us. World peace is what we need. I’m of the opinion that for people to live in peace and harmony, there must be love in their hearts first. This is hardly found in some families today. Another important thing is education. It helps to get rid of ignorance and prejudice. What would we say to a child who watched as his/her loved one was killed in battle/rocket fire, etc…? Surely there will be little room for love and peace.

    Thanks for this post. And happy Thanksgiving ahead of time. Oh, please keep my share of the meal.

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